Bavian General Contracting Company Limited Liability

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The ambition of leadership and the passion for excellence makes us strive to be the best in the size and quality of our investments, armed with the constant development of our performance in line with our ambitions and the diversification of our services in line with the desires of our customers to strengthen our competitive capabilities in all the activities in which we operate.

In order to be one of the first contracting and construction companies in Iraq, partners and customers must see us as part of their success process. The company has the experience, skill and resources to meet the challenge of contracting business conditions. Therefore, we anticipate their needs and fulfill all our obligations towards them.

We are responsible to the community, and we have a history of careful planning and managing a safe work site, committed to the time factor, and achieving quality and excellence in performance.

Therefore, Bavian General Contracting Limited Liability Company maintains its relationship with the surrounding community as well as its projects.

Our vision

Providing integrated services to our customers that achieve their complete satisfaction in terms of:








Honesty and trust

Our expertise

Bafyan Company has the experience and reputation of being formed from Compass to complete projects related to contracting works. The character of Bafyan Contracting Company And distinguished human sectors and the adoption of quality, and we have achieved impressive success and we are still well-established Our competitive position in the market as one of the most important basic pillars in the contracting sector in Iraq

We always try to give more value and innovation to the required business with a more creative and effective solution than you can imagine